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Embark on a fulfilling career at Exonic Salon, where passion meets innovation in the world of beauty and luxury. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a newcomer to the industry, we offer a dynamic environment that values creativity and dedication. At Exonic, we believe in nurturing talent, providing continuous training, and fostering career growth. Join our team, where your skills are celebrated, and your aspirations are supported, as we collectively redefine the standards of excellence in the salon industry. Be a part of the legacy that has thrived for over 15 years, setting the bar for luxury grooming experiences. Your journey to a rewarding career starts here at Exonic Salon.

Hair Stylist

Craft stylish looks with precision at Exonic Salon, where creativity meets cutting-edge trends.

Beauty Artist

Enhance beauty with captivating looks at Exonic Salon, contributing to our sophisticated ambiance.

Nail Artist

Showcase artistic flair, leading nail care innovation at Exonic Salon. Join us in celebrating creativity.

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